How to Make Money at Home

Making money from home is seen by many as an attractive yet complex task. In reality, it is much easier than you might think, and in today’s interconnected world there is ample opportunity for generating a second income. Here are some of the options available to you.


Investing is an incredibly popular option worldwide, and many people make a living trading on the global markets. You could, for example, invest in the forex market, which involves buying and selling currency to try and profit from fluctuating exchange rates. In most cases, this would involve signing up with an online broker such as FxPro.

This method requires a good amount of research in order to develop a long term trading strategy, and you must be willing to dedicate a decent amount of time to managing your investments. Therefore, look around online at somewhere similar to SoFi or other financial investment websites to find a market and investment method which works for you.

Rent a Room

Renting out a room in your home sounds like a simple idea, but many do not realise quite how much their spare room could be worth per year. People are always looking for a place to stay, whether they be a short term tourist or a longer term lodger.

The rise of websites like Airbnb has made it infinitely easier to advertise your room, and you can earn up to £7500 free of tax every year. This is an incredibly effective way of increasing your income with little or no cost to you, and if your home is in a convenient location, such as near the city centre or tourist attractions, it will almost certainly be attractive to visitors.


If you have a particular skill which may be useful to others, you can freelance. This option is attractive to many people because in many cases it means you can make money from something you actually enjoy doing, and from the comfort of your own home.

You could, for instance, be good at graphic design, and want to design websites for private clients. Whatever your skill, you will likely need to set up a website and research how much to charge for your service. Once you get going (it takes time), this can be a really effective and profitable venture.

These methods of making money from home are all tried and tested, and there have been many success stories over the years. Make sure you do your research to find one suitable to your budget and plan your idea out thoroughly.

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