About Piggy

Hello & welcome to Piggy Payday

First of all, I’d like to thank you for visiting my site and introduce you to myself and what we do here at Piggy Payday.

My name is Katie and I’m a young woman working in the big bad world of finance in London.

I work for one of the bigger firms in the capital but in my spare time, I enjoy blogging. I started this blog for the sheer fact that I just want to write about what interests me in the finance world that is away from my day to day job.

Having originated from Liverpool, moving to London came as a bit of a shock and my budgeting mindset still kicks in when I’m out for lunch and have to pay £9 for a sandwich! This has also inspired me to blog about how to be money savvy in the big smoke and how to get by without breaking the bank.

The world of finance can be extremely daunting and I want to make it my mission to help those who struggle with the finances make a little sense of everything.

As a women, I find myself constantly being belittled by men in my world and found when I was search online and looking at blogs for financial advice, mortgage tips and getting the best deal from my bank, it was written for men, by men.

Piggy Payday challenges this male perspective and makes finances accessible to women as well.

Piggy Payday

I’ve worked in finance for over 10 years now and consider myself to be a bit of an expert in the field of savings and savviness, but this does not mean I know it all.

All advice and posts published on Piggy Payday are the individual advice and opinions of myself or the writer involved and should not be taken as direct instructions.

I also have something else to admit…my name isn’t really Katie but I’ve decided to keep my real name and identity hidden as I don’t want my bosses and colleagues to find out I’m giving away industry advice for free (we charge quite a lot for it at work), so if you too would like to keep your identity anonymous, that’s fine.

If you’d like to hit me up with any questions, you can contact me on katie@piggy-payday.co.uk or just fill the form in on my contact page.

I also accept well-written guest posts. If you’d like to know more, check out my contribution page and drop me a line.