Strategies to Increase Your Enterprise Sales

Increasing sales involves efforts, time and dealing with one challenge after another along the way. Sometimes, you fail to generate leads, and at others, lower customer satisfaction levels prevent your revenue from increasing. How can you increase sales and ensure you meet the set targets? Let us take a look at some tried and tested strategies.

Establish a connection with channel partners

Incentivise channel partners to increase your sales; they usually operate independently and offer products other than yours. Some of these may even belong to your competitors. But your investment is low and if you could build strong connections with your partners, the results are quite impressive.

Reach out to the top level people

When selling your business to other companies, make sure that you are talking to people who have the power of making decisions. If you conduct sale meeting with people down the hierarchy, it won’t help you at all, and you may well, just be wasting your time. Look around for referrals, and make sure that you get in touch with c-level executives and top management so that you achieve quicker results.

Focus on prospects that ‘need’ your products

When people or a company needs something, they are more likely to buy faster. This means that you should focus more on them, compared to the rest of your leads. So instead of pushing a general prospect towards a sale, search for the ‘need-y’ ones and then convince them to buy from you.

Target your ideal customers

Which customers are the best for your products? Or which kind of audience will find your products to be the most useful? Determine your ideal customer profile by considering arioso factors like size, location, sector and culture, and create a list of your prospects. Begin generating leads from here onwards. Moreover, do not shy away from taking the help of technology when it comes to generating leads. For instance, using engaging video content could prove to be fruitful. For that, however, you may have to rely on firms like Brightcove or YouTube. See which one of the two firms could cater to your needs of engaging content better (perhaps you can do a comparison like brightcove vs youtube) and decide accordingly. Remember that customers are all you need to survive in the competitive market, so put effort to attract them.

Offer discounts, freebies and add-ons

Discounts are loved by every customer out there, and if you plan them strategically, you are likely to close the lead. Or if you’ve already spent months on the lead, and they are still not giving in, you could offer them additional value at original prices.

Automate your sales

Research says that only 25% of your leads are legitimate; and these are the ones which sales should work upon. But how do you identify them? Targeted customer profiles, which we have already discussed is one technique, but is there another way to go about it? Automate your sales system so that you can follow up on prospects in a better way and score leads more accurately. With the right kind of automation systems in place, you identify prospects who actually want to be contacted, and can then be the focus of your sales team. Thus, you respond more quickly and with the right kind of content.

Use the right tools to get deeper insights

Sales greatly influence the cash flow of your business. And when you add more members to the team, it becomes more important for you to manage the entire sales process easily and efficiently. Several cloud based platforms in the market give you a deeper insight, which helps you close deals successfully. Through these platforms, you can easily track and monitor your shortlisted leads as well the complete pool.