What your SME Needs to Beat the Competition

Today, SMEs face an uphill task to get ahead of the rest. More and more businesses are popping up each year and while this is good news for the country overall, it does make things harder for smaller businesses to make an impression.

While it’s easy to go through the motions because of this, this is the last thing you should be doing with your business. Instead, you should be looking to implement every strategy you can to help yourself beat the competition.

Here are a few different approaches you should look to try:

Offer a Quality UX on your Website

It’s almost expected from today’s consumers that your business will have a functioning website where they can order your goods and/or services. With this though, it needs to be something that offers an enjoyable user experience with:

  • Fast load times
  • Clear information and working links
  • An easy-to-follow layout
  • Buttons and functions that work
  • A styling that reflects your brand

If you have concerns your website isn’t up to scratch, then you should look to hire a specialist web designer to do this for you.

Provide More Delivery Options

If your customers purchase from your website or through other means, you’re sure to impress them by having a choice of delivery options. The faster or more conveniently they can get their items, the more likely they are to favour your SME. You can manage this yourself of even outsource it; if you choose the latter then it’s wise to pick an established company with experience such as Parcels Please.

Promote a Positive Green Image

A great way to show you are a modern and caring business is to demonstrate what green initiatives you have in place. Whether this is eco-friendlier fleet of cars, or a thorough recycling programme, you should put this in your promotional marketing materials. This little approach could do wonders for your company’s PR.

Streamline your Process with CRM

When it comes to your internal operations you can improve productivity by using CRM technologies to manage everything from your finances, to your orders, invoices, data and more. Having software to do this for you can free up your staff to work on improving your products and services, or let them focus on other ways they can improve your SME.

Last, But Not Least…

There’s no time like the present to look at either improving your setup or rolling out these strategies. The sooner you can start doing some of the above with your SME, the sooner you can make your company into something more clients will prefer.

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