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Branded Cup Vs Stress Ball Vs Pen: Does this Work in Getting Brand Exposure?

According to a study, the impression of a company becomes more positive in the eyes of a potential customer once they start distributing promotional merchandise. You are strategizing towards mass outreach at a relatively low cost, increasing your brand recognition by making everyone aware of your logo, which is perfect for new businesses, and are using a much more powerful marketing platform than handing out business cards. Here are some of the things that work in getting brand exposure once you brand them.

Promotional Apparel

This is extremely common. Your employees probably use this already on their days off and if someone uses it in the gym, on the weekends, or anywhere outside the house, they are literally walking talking advertisements. Forget billboards! You have found a new way.

Tote Bags and Back Packs

Promotional bags are useful products that recipients often appreciate. The most popular types of promotional tote bags are drawstring bags and laptop sleeves. These bags provide additional space for displaying your logo. To further promote your business, consider partnering with a firm that offers brochure printing in Boulder, CO, or your local area. You can then include these brochures inside the tote bags you distribute. This approach allows you to increase brand awareness while providing recipients with a practical promotional item they are likely to use regularly.


Stickers offer businesses a budget-friendly method to boost brand awareness. They can be applied to different surfaces like water bottles, laptops, or vehicles, reaching a broad audience. By collaborating with a reputable Sticker Printing company, businesses can create and produce high-quality stickers that are eye-catching and effectively communicate their brand message.


Everyone needs pens; in fact, people like getting promotional pens that they can use so that they can just chuck these things in their bags or on their desks. Since they are going to use these anyways, make sure that you make them use one that boasts your brand name.

Accessories for your Desk

Exhibitors know that desk accessories, such as paper clip dispensers, post-it notes, and stress balls can be used by recipients whenever they want. In addition to that, they remain on the desks and can be seen by anyone who passes by.


Magnets are available in a whole variety of sizes and shapes. Promotional magnets display contact information and are typically displayed on a file cabinet or a refrigerator which is in plain view at all times.

Sporting Goods

Tees, stadium cushions, and foam balls are popular items that people use when you hand them as promotional merchandise.

Electronic Accessories

Mouse pads, USB flash drives, and cell phone holders are in extreme demand today. Make things easier for your potential customers and give them things that they already want to make them happy and favor you over your competitors.


Cups, mugs, and travel mugs that have your logo printed on them are effective as tumblers and water bottles, of course. These effective giveaways are handy and thoughtful merchandise pieces, at least good enough for people to check out your booth.


If you are going to hand them pens, might as well hand them notebooks as well. People are always on the lookout for something to keep their notes organized. This is a great way to keep your name in front of the people, especially if they use the book every day, sort of like remarketing. All you have to do is hand them the merchandise once.

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