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CeMAP: What You Need To Know


Working as a mortgage adviser can be both rewarding and lucrative. In fact, including commission, it’s possible to earn anywhere between £45,000 and £70,000 a year in these roles. However, if you want a career in this field, you’ll need to get the relevant training and qualifications. One popular path is to complete a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). If you’re considering this option and you’d like to know more, keep reading.

What Is It?

CeMAP is a Level 3 qualification that is designed to meet the standards required by the Financial Conduct Authority for mortgage advisers. Completing the course gives people a licence to practice in this area. It’s generally recognised as the leading financial services industry qualification for mortgage advisers, with 80 per cent of these people having gained the certificate.

How Can You Study For It?

There are different ways to study for this qualification. You can opt for the traditional classroom route, where you will be taught in person by experienced tutors. This can be ideal if you want to fast track your learning. Alternatively, if you’re after a more flexible solution, you could take a CeMAP online course. E-learning gives you the chance to study at your own pace from home and it could be ideal if you have to fit your learning around work or family commitments.

Who Is It Intended For?

CeMAP is aimed at anyone who wants to become a mortgage adviser and it’s available to those aged 17 or over who have a good level of English. It’s also important that you have access to the internet and a computer for the duration of the course. You aren’t required to have any particular qualifications to get onto a CeMAP learning programme, but it’s recommended that you have basic skills in English and maths, as well as an interest in finance.

What Does It Cover?

Broadly speaking, these learning programmes provide students with an understanding of the mortgage market and an awareness of how to apply this knowledge to provide effective advice to consumers. It comprises a total of three modules covering everything from UK financial services and regulations to mortgage payment methods and post completion issues. The modules culminate in tests comprising multiple choice questions.

If you think CeMAP could be the key to kickstarting your career, you can find out more about the certificate by visiting the websites of specialist course providers.



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