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How Office Cleaning Can Keep Your Business Healthy, Happy and Productive

It’s easy to think that a clean office is the least of your concerns when running a business. There are innumerable other worries and concerns – but it’s actually very important and helps businesses to be more productive.

Cleanliness matters to the balance of your business. If your office is not clean, it’s less productive. Why? Well, it’s not that the cleanliness levels are literally stopping work from happening – it’s that the environment quality correlates to the quality of work. So, to combat this, many companies will hire commercial cleaning services to help improve their environment and, hopefully, their productivity.

This means office cleaning in London and other areas of large business in the country like Manchester, Leeds and Brighton is very important – not just for hygiene but in terms of the economy too.

Why is This the Case?

There are a lot of ways to help people work better – and one of them is by improving the environment in which they work. Studies have shown that If you’ve got a pleasant and clean environment in which people can work – they are more productive.

The phenomenon has been highly studied. Norwegian researcher SK Nilsen headed a study in 2002 entitled “An Intervention Study of the Relationships Between Air-Related Health Problems, Productivity and Cleanliness in an Office Setting” and concluded that cleanliness resulted in a “Large reduction in short time sickness absence giving a considerable reduction in production costs” – this is crucial to understanding how the aspect of cleanliness relates to more effective business.

It’s a Problem of Sickness

A clean environment means a reduction in the amount of time that people take off sick. Dust and other pollutants are irritants and can make it difficult for them to function at their best, increasing chances of illness. In addition to this an unclean environment is generally more conducive to things like bacteria that can lead to illness too.

It’s never good for people in a business to fall ill, coupled with the fact that the business costs of absenteeism are completely astronomical, means that cleanliness is very important to the overall effectiveness of a company indeed.

There are certainly reasons aside from sickness that cause absenteeism, but sickness contributes significantly. According to the Office of National Statistics there were 131 million days lost due to sickness in 2013. That’s a huge amount of wasted days that could have been spent otherwise helping businesses grow.

Some other interesting findings from the ONS include the fact that minor illness is the main cause of absence – this is the kind of illness that can be caused by lack of cleanliness. Typical minor illnesses include colds, headaches and other short term reasons for absence.

An article provided by Investopedia in Forbes from July 2013 said that all forms of absenteeism including sickness result in “billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, wages, poor quality of goods/services and excess management time”.

Cleanliness in Offices Allows for Greater Productivity

It’s worth mentioning that cleanliness is not just cosmetic, quality cleaning has effects that you can’t quite see. This includes reduced sickness and increased productivity for your workers. This affects businesses all over the world but makes office cleaning in London all the more important and productive.

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