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Portafina Ends 2018 With String of Notable Achievements

This year has been a remarkable period for many businesses, especially those that have seen significant growth. The pension advice specialists, Portafina, happens to be one of those companies; this talented business has achieved things that often take companies decades to accomplish.

Competing in the financial industry isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but Portafina has managed to make waves across the sector and come out on top. After defying the odds, one of the many secrets to their success is their ability to set themselves apart by focusing on providing accessible financial services to the masses and adopting a transparent process.

Portafina’s 2018 Accomplishments

The Financial Times Adviser Top 100 is a prestigious list, especially in the world of finance, one which businesses strive to feature on. Each year, they look for top financial advisers across the UK and analyse their performance to see who is ranking highly within the industry. After gathering data from Strategic Insights, Portafina achieved one of the many coveted places on the list.

Aside from getting recognition across the UK, Portafina has also been recognised locally in the county of Kent. KM Media Group, which has been providing Kent with entertainment and news over the past 150 years, added Portafina to their MegaGrowth 150 List. The list judges businesses based on three main factors, which include business growth, turnover three years ago in relation to profit and loss, as well as turnover today.

The third notable achievement for Portafina is being featured in the Financial Times Future 100. As a result of proving that they make a significant impact in the areas of diversity within their company, the environment, and technology, they achieved a place on this list. However, what truly sets Portafina apart is their dedication to go above and beyond for every customer.

For the most part, the business has been able to show that they’ve made a positive impact in their use of technology and their ability to create diversity. These are qualities that have enabled them to stand out and beat renowned competitors such as G K R Logistics and Pro-Force this year.

Understandably, Portafina is extremely excited and proud of all of their achievements and what the future holds. Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director Says:

Being presented with three major awards in 2018 is actually quite hard to take in. We are all looking forward to seeing where 2019 takes us.”

What Does The Future Hold?

After having such a great year and seeing so much growth, Portafina is ready to give back. They’ve created a website born out of their desire to equip people with the financial knowledge they need if they want to pursue a career in the sector. Part of Portafina’s hiring policy is to focus on helping other people. So, if you’re a keen, friendly and determined team player and would like to become a part of their dynamic company, then you should visit Portafina’s new job site.

Additionally, they also offer practical everyday financial advice that you could use to improve your finances, so follow Portafina Youtube, Portafina Facebook and @Portafina UK on Twitter.