Findings from pensions specialist show that 5% UK women and men saved over £5,000 towards their retirement in Q4

Prepare to live more comfortably during your retirement years, with fewer money worries. Research from a UK based online investment company, True Potential Investor, found that a small percentage UK women (5%) and men (5%) added over £5,000 to their private pension pots during Q4 2016. However, during the same period, a much larger percentage of men (25%) and women (35%) saved nothing towards their pensions. Read on to help understand how well the UK is preparing for later life.

Katie Sanderson

Katie Sanderson

Katie Sanderson is a keen financial ninja who has made it her goal to help and advise people on all aspects of saving and generally helping with their day to day budgetary needs.When not thinking about saving she can be found at home with her family or out with friends.
Katie Sanderson
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